The 21-Day Sugar Detox Program Guide PDF & Companion Video Modules
The Program Guide includes detailed information on: getting started and testing, how to price and structure your services as a coach, building a basic website to support your coaching business (or how to update your existing site if you have one), marketing your services and using email social media, running groups and building community support, and prep for a big group kickoff. Think of the Program Guide as your "master checklist" of how to get started as a coach logistically, step-by-step, and how to roll right into getting your first group going. The complete Program Guide will be available immediately, and the accompanying video modules will time-release on a roughly weekly basis (see FAQs for specific timing) to keep you on schedule with the course to complete each module in a timely fashion.
This is a 70+ page PDF file and 8 video files - available in the membership site immediately upon enrollment.

LIVE Support Calls to review Program Guide Modules

These calls will be held at specific times on specific dates to be announced once enrollment closes. For an approximate schedule of the calls, see the FAQs below. Please note that your attendance of the live calls is absolutely NOT required, and you may submit questions ahead of time pertaining to the material being covered in each call ahead of time and all questions will be answered regardless of whether or not you can attend the live call. All calls will be available as MP3s immediately upon completion and loaded into the Coaches membership site for you to listen to after the fact. These calls are held to help move you along the program in a timely fashion, but you may pace your own course as you need to - you are not required to stay on our schedule if you need more time or you want to get ahead using materials in the Program Guide PDF as your own schedule allows.
These calls will be held using a call-in conferencing system and calls are subject to long-distance/toll rates (anyone calling from a cell phone should generally not be charged anything from their provider for these calls). MP3s will be available for download.

The 21-Day Sugar Detox Coaches Certification Test 
50-question, open-book/materials test that you must pass in order to receive and display your Certified 21DSD Coach title, badge, and branding and to be listed in the searchable database. Passing the test also "unlocks" the remainder of your coaching program materials, and you are not permitted to coach others on the program as a "21DSD Coach" or "Certified 21DSD Coach" until you pass the test. Re-testing is permitted if you do not pass the first time. 
This is an online test form to complete - 
available in the membership site immediately upon enrollment.

The 21-Day Sugar Detox Certified Coaches Instructor’s Manual
The Instructor’s Manual includes detailed information on: expectations of 21DSD Coaches detox group session outlines (whether in person or online – or both!) to be conducted as you see fit throughout the detox – group sessions are outlined and you may choose to add bonus lessons as you see fit from those included on selected topics, expanded FAQs to help 21DSD Coaches answer participant questions, and a calendar detailing interactive posts to share with your group. Think of the Instructor's Manual as your handbook as a coach on how to effectively and efficiently lead your groups through the 21DSD program.
This is a 140+ page PDF file - available after you pass the certification test.
bonus! A full-color, printed binder of this manual will be also shipped to you!

The 21-Day Sugar Detox Sugar Detox Group Participant Guide
This is a booklet for your group members, exclusive to coaching program participants, that includes outline of sessions and space for participants to take notes. Once certified, you are welcome to distribute it to your group participants as a PDF or order printed versions for them.

This is a 60+ PDF file - available after you pass the certification test. 
Free bonus! A printed, spiral-bound copy of this guide will be also shipped to you!

Access to the Private Certified 21DSD Coaches Facebook group
Once certified, you will be invited to this group where myself and my team – as well as all certified coaches – gather to discuss the program, information, updates, ask questions, and get support.

Public listing on The 21-Day Sugar Detox website within our searchable coaches database 

Once certified, you will be able to add your bio, a headshot, and information about your offerings -- as well as links to your upcoming groups -- to your own personalized page.

Branded graphics & shareables and customizable marketing materials 
Once certified, these are provided for your use on your website, social media, in emails, for live events, etc. These include web-based graphics as well as print-friendly items such as flyers and handouts.
These are digital files such as JPGs, Word Documents, Power Point templates, etc.

The 21-Day Sugar Detox Sugar Detox guide book and Cookbook
Free bonus! One of each of these full-color, 240-page printed books will be also shipped to you! 


We walk you through the program -- from becoming certified, to promoting and selling your services, to holding group sessions, and more -- in a comprehensive PDF eBook as well as through simple video modules.


Setting up your affiliate account, signing forms, & generally getting ready for the program.


Details on studying for and taking the certification test for the program.


Guidelines and recommendation for pricing your services and taking payments.


Step-by-step details to create your first website or updating your current site.


Tips for getting a great headshot & creating an engaging coach's profile page.


Setting up accounts; downloading, customizing, and sharing graphics.


Collecting email addresses and creating, scheduling, and sending emails.


Establishing your group (in person or online) and organzing your sessions. 

Enrollment will only remain open for a short time and to a limited number of coaches - don't wait!
To enroll if you live outside of the U.S., please click here.


The 21-Day Sugar Detox Coaches are inspiring and motivated! Join a group of dynamic and spirited coaches in the mission to help people get healthier while building a successful business that generates income for you in a meaningful way.
(Pictured are some of the coaches who were in attendance at PaleoFx 2015 after our private group session.)


 Coach Karen Dotson

 Coach Mike Nguyen

 Coach Holly Marshall


Here's what more current Coaches have to say about the program!




2016 pricing coming soon

  • Program Guide
    (70+ page PDF & Videos)
  • LIVE Support Calls &
    MP3 recordings
  • Certification Testing
  • Live Calls for Q&A with Saved MP3 Recordings
  • Instructor's Manual
    (140+ page PDF)
  • Participant Guide
    (60+ page PDF)
  • Private Facebook Group Access & Support
  • Listing in the 21DSD Website Coaches Database
  • Branded Graphics, Shareables, and Customizable Marketing Materials
  • FREE BONUS: Full-color, 140+ page printed Instructor's Manual binder
  • FREE BONUS: Printed 60+ page Participant Guide spiral-bound workbook
  • FREE BONUS: Full-color, printed, The 21-Day Sugar Detox guide book and Cookbooks (each a 240-page book)
  • * + annual fee thereafter ongoing to maintain certification
  • To enroll if you live outside of the U.S., please click here.


Who can become a Coach? 

While anyone can become a coach and is welcome to enroll, you must have completed a full 21-Day Sugar Detox yourself, as the program is written, before you may actively coach or lead others on it individually or in groups as a Certified Coach. While technically you can enroll in the Coaches Program before completing your own Detox, we strongly recommend against it.

Effective coaches have already completed the program themselves, and, we feel your money is best spent only in signing up to lead others in a program you know you love and want to share after completing it successfully yourself.

Additionally, in our experience, those who succeed most as coaches are those who have some experience in leading groups or coaching/counseling individuals in various ways regarding health and wellness in other capacities. Some of the certifications and degrees that we have amongst current Coaches include
NC (from Bauman College), HHC (from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition), NTP (from the Nutritional Therapy Association), RD, L.Ac., MD, ND, DC. Again, this is not a requirement, but a recommendation.

Lastly, this program requires that you are highly motivated and maintain an extremely high level of integrity in the work that you do. While we will support you every step of the way in growing your coaching business, we cannot and will not do the work for you, nor can we guarantee your success. Your success with this program as a business is entirely up to you!


How long will the program take?

The modules that we have created to walk you through the program are scheduled for your completion within 8 weeks and we will have live calls for us to answer your questions (which may also be submitted ahead of time if you are unable to attend live). Live calls will be recorded and made available to you immediately following as MP3 files. 

Program modules will be on a time-release, so you may choose get ahead of schedule if you wish to using the Program Guide PDF, but not all video modules will be available immediately upon enrollment. This is to ensure that we are able to coach and support you through the program and to set you up for success the best way possible.

Current tentative call schedule (subject to change, you are not required to call-in live for these, exact dates will be announced within the program):
Week 1: Call #1 - welcome, getting started, and testing
(1-week break to allow time for testing, not all enrolled coaches must complete the test at this time, you may pace yourself differently if you so choose.)
Week 2: Call #2 - your services and pricing
Week 3: Call #3 - building a website
Week 4: Call #4 - marketing your services and your coach's bio

(1-week break)
Week 5: Call #5 - social media
Week 6: Call #6 - running groups and buiding community
Week 7: Call #7 - support and prep for the next big detox

What happens immediately after I enroll? What can I expect?

Once your purchase is complete, you will receive an email within a few minutes that will link you to the online program access area.

The Coaches membership area will include: access to welcome information and your first module, the complete 21DSD Online Program (same as for participants), as well as to a special "Coaches" section that only you will be able to see.

There will be some materials available there immediately, more will be revealed once enrollment closes, and additional video modules will release over the time of the course. 
If you do not receive the email with your login details within an hour of receiving a purchase confirmation email from Clickbank, please contact info@balancedbites.com for support and we will help you out.

We will announce dates of the live calls that will accompany the program modules once enrollment closes, and you will have access to all of the live calls as well as recordings from them for the duration of your enrollment.

The 21-Day Sugar Detox printed guide book and Cookbook will be mailed to you once the enrollment period closes.

Phyiscal items that will be mailed to you once you pass the certification test will arrive within approximately 30 business days. We will be in close touch with all coaches to confirm shipment information and timing. All materials that will be shipped are also available as PDFs, and no printed materials are required to become certified or to begin coaching once you pass the test.


How do I earn money as a Coach?

All Certified 21DSD Coaches earn money independently of the program. In other words, your services are yours to offer and Certification is not a guarantee of any income or sales. It is up to you to create a program price and charge your clients and participants for your services. We give you support in figuring out what to charge, but we do not take any % of your earnings or have any say over how you price and take payment for your services.

Is there a payment plan available?

Unfortunately there is not at this time. With future open enrollments, we will continue to look for a solution for this one, but we currently don't have this option.

What happens if I don't renew my Certification after the first year?

To keep an active and valid certification each coach does need to renew annually - this is done automatically for you upon your enrollment unless or until you decide to cancel it. 

This is for a few reasons:
1) so that we are sure we're in touch with you and providing new/updated/current information that we need to get to you about the program, community, marketing, etc.,
2) so that any participants who may find a coach are sure to have a consistent experience across the board (things may change year to year),
3) to support our coaches in the listings on the website which we feel is the best way to maintain the confidence of all participants that each coach is in good standing.

If you do not renew but decide to re-certify again in the future, you may re-test and pay just the $197 annual re-certification fee and re-gain access to all of the newest/updated materials as well as re-gain a listing on the searchable coaches database. If for any reason the price of renewal increases, the current price of renewal will be what you'll pay if you did not remain active consistently. Anyone who remains as a current/active coach consistently with no breaks will be billed at the rate noted on their signup for all future years barring any major changes to the program.

You will receive a notification before your renewal is charged each year, and you have the option at that time to either renew or not.

Balanced Bites, LLC. reserves the right to upgrade the program and, subsequently, raise the renewal price per year for coaches, but this will not be done unless absolutely necessary and we will do everything in our power to keep coaches "grandfathered in" at their original renewal rates!